A 360 Degree Solution Based on Decentralised Ledger Technology.

Digital Asset Custody.

Watermelon Custody is a hyper secure environment which utilizes our proprietary software designed for and running on the worlds best hardware from IBM.

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WatermelonBlock provides custom-built blockchain solutions, real-time actionable insights and detailed contextual analysis, at the press of a button.

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Access an ecosystem of analysis tools through tokenisation. AI trading tools will soon be used as a transactional currency on exchanges that integrate our API.

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Strategic Partnerships

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App for Cryptocurrency Market
Sentiment Analysis

Users can begin analyzing the market immediately, with the WatermelonBlock app’s cutting edge market sentiment insights. Data is updated in real-time from trusted media sources, providing users with up-to date market information and streamlined news. Innovative features such as the Watermelon Index, MelonScore, Personalized Portfolio and WatermelonAlarm are designed to help investors make more accurate and better informed trading decisions.

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WMB Dashboard

Building off the back of WatermelonBlock, WatermelonAnalytics will allow users to generate market differentiation in their own industry, on their own terms. Much like WatermelonBlock utilizes artificial intelligence to index the top ICOs and cryptocurrencies in the world, WatermelonAnalytics gives users access to the most comprehensive AI on the planet to build and customize their own index and control center.

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November 21, 2022

Data Transformation ​Workflow – Sentiment Analysis | WatermelonBlock

The team at WatermelonBlock are avid proponents of the ‘Make hay while the sun shines’ philosophy, which is why we strive to use state-of-the-art infrastructure and deploy advanced social sentiment…
September 5, 2021

WatermelonBlock and BERT | Till Better NLP Models Do Us Part

BERT - A Perfect Gift For The New Year It has been six decades since the first NLP algorithm was tested and I believe it is safe to say that our…
September 27, 2018

Exciting Events on the Horizon in Partnership with IBM

Another exciting week for WatermelonBlock with huge events, presenting opportunities and conferences on the calendar. Check out our two upcoming events. IBM Invites WatermelonBlock to Sibos 2018 WatermelonBlock is excited to…
September 10, 2018

WatermelonBlock Has Officially Reached its Soft Cap

WatermelonBlock is pleased to announce that we have reached our soft cap. Hitting this target allows us to fully carry out our product development and deliver the services as planned.…
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