WatermelonBlock Q3 Wrap Up

As Q3 comes to a close, the WatermelonBlock team reflects on our achievements to date and looks forward to the future. Check out our company updates below to see what we’ve been up to.

WatermelonBlock Has Reached its $3.5M Soft Cap 

WatermelonBlock is pleased to announce that we have reached our soft cap. Hitting this target allows us to fully carry out our product development and deliver the services as planned.

Our project has been built on the support of all those who have contributed, whether that be individuals who have joined our community or one of the numerous companies who have worked behind the scenes. Therefore, we have decided to go directly to exchanges, allowing our entire community to immediately and freely trade WatermelonBlocks on the open market.

Huge thank you to our partners – IBM, NEM and Asta Blockchain Labs who have been so instrumental at helping us achieve our goals, as well as our supportive community. We’re very excited for what’s ahead.

WatermelonBlock Has Been Listed on its First Exchange 

WatermelonBlock has decided to enlist BTCEXA as our first exchange partner. It is important that community members who would like to trade on the BTCEXA platform create an account and complete the KYC (Know Your Customers) process. As many of you would know, KYC’s can take time to process, and as such, the WatermelonBlock team would recommend completing this step as soon as possible. Sign up to BTCEXA now.

Introducing the WatermelonWallet

The WatermelonWallet is not your average wallet. Launching early next year, it’ll be the only wallet that incorporates sentiment analysis into a beautiful, easy to use interface so that users can more effectively manage their portfolio. Built on the IBM platform, the WatermelonWallet will offer the highest standard of security with pervasive encryption and private key storage. With features normally reserved for institutional investors, our insured custody option will be an industry first.

Exciting Events on the Horizon in Partnership with IBM

Another exciting week for WatermelonBlock with huge events, presenting opportunities and conferences on the calendar. Check out our two upcoming events.

Introducing New Team Member: Andreas Wenzel, WatermelonBlock Technical Advisor 

It’s a pleasure to introduce our new technical advisor Andreas Wenzel, who has been invaluable to WatermelonBlock’s recent advancements. Born and raised in Germany, Andreas joined IBM in 2001 in Dublin, Ireland and has worked in the IBM Linux ONE and IBM Z Systems space for over 17 years, across various industries and countries. Over the years, Andreas has built deep expertise in the creation of large, complex, multi-year agreements – especially in emerging markets and industries. His knowledge base includes the ability to write in 7 different program languages and his strengths include the implementation of the latest mainframe solutions. We are honoured to have Andreas join our advisory board and we look forward to achieving many world firsts together in this space 🍉

Introducing New Team Member: Bill Angelidis, WatermelonBlock Blockchain Specialist

Bill is co-founder and CEO of Asta and has successfully launched multiple technology start-ups over the past two decades, developing a deep network and presence in the Australian business and IT community.

In 1999, Bill co-founded a high-tech start-up. Today, Asta has become a significant player in the end-to-end IT services space across Asia Pacific. Led by Bill, Asta has built trusted, long-term relationships with its customers, by continually innovating and rolling out new technologies. Asta Blockchain Labs is currently at the forefront of blockchain development and new business model application in Asia Pacific. WatermelonBlock is proud to be using this trusted provider for the development of our WatermelonBlock Insights App 🍉

IBM Invites WatermelonBlock to Sibos 2018

WatermelonBlock is excited to attend Sibos 2018 as a guest of IBM this October. SIBOS brings financial leaders together to network, collaborate and find solutions to industry challenges.

This year, the theme of the conference will revolve around ‘Enabling the digital economy’ across four major areas:

•    How data, AI and robotics are driving service innovation and business model renewal
•    New paradigms and technologies for information sharing to tackle financial crime
•    Tackling the widening cybersecurity challenge in the digital economy
•    Adapting to evolving geopolitical and regulatory priorities

WatermelonBlock and IBM will be discussing the functionality of the WatermelonWallet, which uses IBM’s World Wire platform to minimise the fees associated with intercontinental transfers. The solution can limit the time required to transfer funds overseas from days to mere seconds and is powered by Blockchain – rather than the vast number of intermediaries traditionally needed to complete the task.

WatermelonBlock is excited to be co-developing this solution with IBM in order be the first to utilise the platform as we endeavour to move further towards custodial solutions for crypto assets.

WatermelonBlock Will Be Presenting at IBM Think in March 2019

WatermelonBlock and IBM recognise the need for custodial solutions for crypto assets and developing this tool as part of the World Wire platform gives gravitas to stage II of WatermelonBlock roadmap. WatermelonBlock will be co-presenting a custodial solution at IBM Think next March.

IBM says that: “Financial institutions best positioned to capitalize on this next generation of innovation are ones that implement a unique combination of hardware and software which is both flexible, to handle the increased volume, speed and volatility of these new real-time payment transactions, and agile to handle the variance as to who or what is initiating the transaction.” At WatermelonBlock, that’s what we’re all about.

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