MelonEX | The Autonomous Digital Currency Exchange of the Future

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WatermelonBlock is proud to announce details of progressive developments that have taken place during the implementation of our Phase 2 strategy. As outlined in our white paper, WatermelonBlock will be delivering the world’s first autonomous AI based portfolio management tool. WatermelonBlock has decided to open its own exchange, but the team wouldn’t settle for anything besides the most forward-thinking, innovative and beautiful solution possible.

MelonEX is the digital currency exchange of the future and a collaborative effort with WatermelonBlock partners: IBM, BitHolla, Asta Blockchain Labs and NEM. In a world first, users will be able to leverage WatermelonBlock’s autonomous AI folio management tools (patent pending) and mobile application which are being developed in partnership with IBM and Asta Blockchain Labs.

WatermelonBlock will utilize BitHolla’s X-Ray Trade Terminal and EaaS, which is a secure, high-performance platform packed with state-of-the-art features to boost the trading experience. This infrastructure is uniquely designed to quickly scale and integrate new advancements in crypto technology, such as off-chain lightning transaction, atomic swaps and more. In addition to this, liquidity rerouting from the world’s biggest exchanges will ensure order books on MelonEX are equal to that of top-tier exchanges from day one.

MelonEX is perfectly aligned to offer services to both large institutional investors and early majority retail clients due to the insured custody solution, which is made possible by utilizing the best in class enterprise level infrastructure from IBM. This hardware is the backbone of contemporary banking, payment and insurance industries and has never been seen in the cryptocurrency space before. It allows WatermelonBlock to provide the most secure solution ever devised for currency exchange and asset custody with the most scalable and robust technology on earth.

WMB will be the native token for the exchange, further adding to the token’s desirability and creating a huge demand of its constantly diminishing supply due to the WatermelonBlock Proof of Burn protocol. WatermelonBlock’s tireless pursuit of excellence will be fully demonstrated by MelonEX, the combination of bulletproof security, a beautiful user interface, and next-generation artificial intelligence. 

WatermelonBlock aims to bring the emerging cryptocurrency asset class in line with the standards set in traditional investment trading applications by breaking the mold and setting the benchmark for what is deemed acceptable for cryptocurrency exchanges.  

About WatermelonBlock

WatermelonBlock is a data analytics company specializing in AI-based sentiment analysis and market prediction.

About Asta Blockchain Labs

Asta Blockchain Labs is currently at the forefront of blockchain development and new business model application in the Asia Pacific. WatermelonBlock is proud to be using this trusted provider for user-friendly AI-based sentiment analysis application which is a stepping stone to the autonomous folio management tool called MelonBot (patent pending).

About BitHolla

BitHolla is a software provider focussing on Exchange as a Service (EaaS). They provide exchange solutions to leading companies in the blockchain space.

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